At The Knot, we want to make sure you look your best at every occasion. Our specialists will help you find the right suit for your day by providing you with high quality suits for every occasion, for both hire and purchase. We also stock accessories to complete your look from top to bottom. We are there for you for every important step in your life.

Groom Suits

In order to avoid any kind of disappointment, groom and groomsmen suits need to be ordered 6 months prior to the occasion. In the case of peak seasons, it would be advisable to order your suits 12 months before the wedding. Exclusive groomsmen suits are very limited and these can go out of stock very easily. We can provide you with a custom-made suit that is made to your exact specifications, regardless of your style or your size. There will be fittings for all the groom party and you can rest assured that all will walk down the aisle with suits that look like they belong on the red carpet.

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Formal Wear

There are many occasions that call for formal wear and yet you might not encounter many of them in your lifetime, which means a suit in your wardrobe would be quite useless. That is why we provide you with the option of hiring. You can contact us beforehand or come to our outlet in Fgura to see for yourself the vast choice that we offer. Our suits vary in style and sizes and you can rest assured that you will find one just for you. We will also make sure to provide you with a suit that is ready to be worn. It will be cleaned, pressed, pristine and ready to assist you in making a great impression wherever you may go.

Holy Communion

Renting a suit for a Holy Communion ceremony presents families with a practical and convenient alternative to purchasing formal attire outright. With the option to reserve in advance or visit a rental outlet, families can easily find a suit that fits their child's size and style preferences.

The variety offered by the knot ensures that every child can find a suit that fits comfortably and suits their personal taste. Garments are meticulously cleaned, pressed.

Funeral Suits 

Same day funeral service suits provide a crucial convenience and comfort for families during a time of grief and mourning. In the midst of organizing a funeral, there are countless tasks to manage, and ensuring that loved ones are appropriately attired is often one of them. With same day rental services for funeral attire, families can alleviate the stress of outfitting themselves and their loved ones for the somber occasion.